Government Effectiveness and Value Creation: The Case of Emerging European Listed Banks



This study adds to the field of public administration by focusing on the nexus between government decision and bank performance scores highlighting the administrative regulatory dimensions of improvements. To this end, this research paper covers a unique database comprising all listed banks that operate on emerging European markets in the period 2005-2011. Country specific characteristics are presented in the light of public administration quality which includes the dimension of governance quality on the one side, andthe quality and administrative burden on business environment on the other.Bank performance is defined under two different approaches (accounting vs. market based) taking into account different stakeholders interest (state and central bank authority vs. investors).We account for profit persistency by using a Prais-Winsten regression that allows for both autocorrelation and heteroskedasticity in data. The results call attention to the fact that in emerging European markets regulatory glitches have a positive impact upon bank performance. Market imperfections are a source of profitability as they generate a reliable supply of market share appropriation and thus monopoly power. Also, administrative commitment towards increasing the quality of public services and policies endorsed by diminishing the level of corruption will accelerate private development and thus banking profitability.


public administration; government effectiveness; Eastern Europe; banking performance

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