Public Sector Leadership. A Review of Romanian Research Done in the Field Between 2007-2016

Tudor ȚICLĂU, Cristina HINȚEA


Leadership is one of the best examples for an ubiquitous research topic, as it is studied both as a social phenomenon as well as a theoretical concept (Hackman and Wageman, 2007), being studied in relation with different research fi elds, ranging from politics, public administration, management, social and organizational change, human motivation (and the list could go on). This has led some scholars to claiming that leadership has been the source of more extensive investigation than almost any other aspect of human behavior (de Vries, 1993). The interest then in public sector leadership comes only natural to any researcher in the fi eld of public administration. Our main purpose was to identify and analyze what has been done on the topic of public sector leadership, specifi cally for Romania, in the past ten years. We focused on three major variables: theoretical framework used, authorship nationality, and quality of research. Results indicate that Romanian authors and Romania are missing from top tier journals in the fi eld of public administration. Indirectly, results raise questions about general research capacity in the fi eld of public administration of Romanian scholars.


leadership, Romania, meta-analysis, public sector organizations, public management.

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