Leadership Strategies in Promoting the Image of the Mayors on the Websites of Sector Town Halls and of Bucharest City Hall

Viorica PĂUȘ


The research deals with the leadership strategies used by the mayors of the six sectors and the General Mayor of Bucharest in order to represent and promote the organizational image and their own image. The success, performance and competitiveness of sector town halls and Bucharest City Hall also depend on the quality of leadership and the leaders’ ability to use appropriate, attractive and customized online communication strategies in order to inform the citizens and achieve their electoral goals. This research has the following objectives: (a) to identify the online strategies used by the seven mayors-leaders; (b) to identify the salience of tactics used by the seven mayors; (c) to identify the ethos categories within the mayors’ online messages.


local public administration, mayor, open leadership, communication, information, website, effi ciency.

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