Administrative Policies in Urban Segregated Spaces. The Case of the Romanian Ghettos

Viorel MIONEL, Alexandru GAVRIȘ


The administrative policies of urban segre-gated spaces remain an unsolved issue in many of Central and Eastern European countries. This paper discusses the new emergence of ghetto spaces in Romania, analyzing different admin-istrative policies and their effects after 1990. It develops around an ethnographic approach and reviews the actions of local administrations, aim-ing to assess the most signif cant interventions. The main f ndings show that the political involve-ment in the administrative policies focused on ghettos occurs only in certain conditions, while emphasizing the lack of coherent strategy to solve these expanding spaces. The evaluation of administrative policies identif es that Rroma resettlement is an exclusion and ghettoization policy, the only one that suggests durability for local administrations.


Administrative policies, urban segregation, ghettos, Romania, Central and Eastern European countries.

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