The Process of Settlement Branding. Case Studies on City Branding in Transylvania



The study presents the project cycle man-agement and the known branding processes in order to create a feasible and detailed plan for settlement branding aiming to create a guide-line for brand makers. The second part of the study focuses on the critical parts of settlement branding in Transylvania, the evaluation of com-petition, targeting, defnition of brand values as perceived by the internal and external target groups by schema-based authentication and ste-reotypes. The presented cases of municipalities in Transylvania have a practical approach and provide a guideline for brand builders by defn-ing local values, making the community aware of them and promoting them in order to reach the targeted unique advertising position.


ity branding, regional brand-ing, settlement branding, geographical location branding, communication, branding process, positioning, target groups, auto-stereotypes, het-ero-stereotypes.

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