Patients’ Satisfaction With the Health Care Systemin the Age of Globalization: The Case of Romania

Marin BURCEA, Sorin George TOMA, Răzvan Mihail PAPUC


Patients’ satisfaction with health care sys-tems has been a widely debated topic for both practitioners and researchers in the past de-cades. The aims of our paper are to present the theoretical approach about the concept of patients’ satisfaction and to analyze the results of a research concerning the satisfaction of the Romanian patients regarding health care ser-vices. To such ends, we tested seven assump-tions through a quantitative research based on a national survey done on health care benefcia-ries (1076). The data gathered was processed through the SPSS software. The fndings of our research show that pa-tients’ satisfaction is infuenced by the level of trustfulness of the medical staff, physicians and nurses’ professionalism, and the time spent waiting at the emergency units. A distinctive el-ement in the equation of the Romanian patients’ satisfaction is given by the corruption existing in the health care system. The fndings of the study indicate clear directions in rethinking the health care system, directions that may lead towards the development of a trustworthy climate and higher satisfaction with the health care services in Romania.


atients’ satisfaction, health care system, patients’ rights, globalization, Ro-mania.

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