Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences

TRAS represents a collective effort initiated by an international group aimed at boosting the research in the field of public administration in a country where during the communist regime there was no tradition in this sense. TRAS represents a unique source of specialized analysis of the ex-communist space, of the transition processes to democracy, of the reform of public administration, and of comparative analysis of administrative systems. 

The general topic covered by the articles in the Review is administrative sciences. As a result of an interdisciplinary, modern approach, the articles cover the following specific themes: Public management, public policy, administrative law, public policy analysis, regional development, community development, public finances, urban planning, program evaluation in public administration, ethics, comparative administrative systems, etc. TRAS encourages the authors to submit articles that are based on empirical research. From the standpoint of the topic covered, TRAS is lined up with the trends followed by other international journals in the field of public administration.

All articles submitted to the Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences have to present a clear connection to the field of administrative sciences and the research (both theoretical and empirical) should be conducted from this perspective. Interdisciplinary topics related to organizational theory, sustainable development and CSR, international relations, etc. can be considered for publication, however the research needs to address relevant issues from the perspective of the public sector. Articles which use highly specialized econometrics models as well as studies addressing macro-economic topics will not be considered for evaluation. The decision on whether a certain topic falls within the interest of TRAS belongs to the editors and it is not connected with the overall quality of the work submitted. 

TRAS is an open access journal. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

2020: Issue No. 60 E/June

Table of Contents


Barbara Bradač Hojnik
Polya Katsamunska, Allan Rosenbaum
Katarzyna Kopeć
Jae Young Lim
Claudia Petrescu, Martin Balogh, Natalia Monica Balogh, Paula Beudean
Katarzyna Radzik-Maruszak, Arto Haveri, Agnieszka Pawłowska
Jongmin Shon, Yilin Hou